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Does email marketing still work?

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You take care of each sending as if it were the first one, use several hours to prepare it and worry that looks perfect to take care of your image. You launch the campaigns hoping that they reach your subscribers and that these dedicate to you a little of their time that compensates the effort that supposes to maintain a newsletter. And the next day or at the end of the month, you ask yourself: does the email marketing work or should I change strategy? The answer is "depends" because it is in the numbers of each one, that is, in the statistics that are obtained.

When you created your email marketing strategy, you defined objectives: make your news known, sell your products, establish a relationship with your community ... You must have them very present in each sending, although each may end up having a different purpose. For example if you are a real estate agency one day you can notify that you have a new apartment and another send decorating tips, or a mixture of the two approaches depending on whether you want to make more or less commercial newsletters.

Depending on the strategy you decide, you'll have to look at one indicator or another to answer the question of whether it works or not. Using another example, if you want your subscribers to sign up for an event that organizes your training center, you should take into account the clicks of the call to action button to know who visits your website with the intention of registering. Of course the most important fact is how many of them actually complete the form and that you will know only with the reports of your web page.

Expecting to reach around 100% in email statistics is a dream: not all subscribers open all the newsletters nor then click or neither necessarily all end up buying or performing the action. Each sector works differently but, according to our experience, you can say that your email marketing works if you get  between 15-20% of opens and a click rate between 2-5%.

These percentages increase when the list is reduced, that is, if we do not send the same information to all the subscribers but we segment and personalize the mails. It is logical if we see it as a more individual relationship: we can give better arguments in each sending and get more clicks because the message is clearly destined to them. The data helps us to better polish the strategy of future sendings to achieve better results.

At the end of the day or when you plan to analyze the results, you will have to do it with the calculator in hand. Is email marketing generating profits, does it really work? With costs aside (dedicated internal and external resources) and benefits to another (visits, clicks, purchases ...) you can answer the dreaded question. Regardless of this assessment, you have to think about intangibles such as the impact on the company's image and its reputation for offering an email notification service.

One last recommendation: do not throw the towel at the first instance, the effort is worth it. You have to consider email marketing as one more piece inside the gear because, like any other marketing strategy, it works best when accompanied. We can put a lot of attention on each sending, but it may not be enough to achieve very high goals. Combining email with social media is a way to increase the probabiblites of achieving what we want.

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