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Reading an email from the cell phone or tablet is a totally different experience than do it from a computer: the behavior and user interaction with the content is different and therefore the challenges to grab their attention, too.

Edisonda agency recently published a study that explains how the users of mobile devices perceive and process email messages. The "Mobile Eyetracking in e-mail marketing" report gives us interesting information about how text, images and the structure of our emails influence the way in which we capture the attention of our subscribers, and how retain the message content and interact with it.

We explain you how to improve the design of your emails for mobile devices:


When your subscribers open your email is essential to capture their attention and explain what content they'll find in it. This first time, just when the opening occurs, what the subscriber finds at first glance is what will determine he'll continue reading or deleting your message. The introductory text must be brief and explain clearly what message sent is about. Note that the combination image + text in this order, works better than text + image, ie, users spend more time reading the text when it is below an image and not above it.


The font size also matters. Larger texts allow subscribers to read more comfortably the text and also remember its contents. Make the introductory text of your email to be larger than the body of the message to attract the subscriber's attention.


The length of paragraphs is also something you should consider. Long paragraphs make your email recipients pay less attention to the content and get distracted, while short paragraphs are easier to read, which increases the reading time and gets a greater message retention. Try not to write more than 50-70 characters per text line.


Text alignment (centered, left, right, justified) also influences the your email readability. The left-aligned texts are easier to read, since the length of the lines is different.


If you want to highlight text content in your email, frame it in a box, this will make you get the attention of the subscriber to that part of your email.


When you have to write numbers, use a numeric format (for example "50% off" instead of "half price"). The numbers in numeric format get more attention than if they're written in text format.


The photographs that don't show the face of their protagonists make users focus more on other parts of the photograph or elements near it (texts, buttons). So, unless it is required by the type of product or service you offer, avoid showing faces on the images that you include in your email.


Silhouetted product photographs capture less attention than the ones that are showing the product integrated in an environment or together with a model. However, products are more remembered by subscribers if they are isolated.


The longer the message, the less likely it is that the user read it integer. You should try to be concise and send short messages to keep the attention of your subscriber. You probably have many things to say, but try to synthesize and insert buttons or links that allow the user to complete the information if necessary.


Place your logo centered at the top of your email or to the left. It will get more attention than if it's on the right.


Buttons with links to your web, online store, brochures etc... place them near photographs. It works and they get more attention. Make buttons stand out from the rest of content and background. Links without background color tend to attract less attention.


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