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Email marketing in metaverse times

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When it seemed that most companies already had a presence in the digital world, the metaverse revolution arrived. Having a website, online store, and activity on social media has nothing to do with this space where people relate to each other virtually. It is a different world where coexistence and business generation are possible if understood well.


What is the metaverse?

It is a virtual world that does not exist physically and can be accessed with additional devices, such as virtual reality headsets, although there are also some basic options with augmented reality. This makes the experience immersive and makes the user feel transported to that imaginary place.

One of its key aspects is that people have the identity they want there and it does not have to be like their real identity, not even realistic! In fact, most avatars (our representation in the metaverse) have fantastic and fictional elements. All avatars can interact with each other in real time. The metaverse never stops, it continues even when we leave it.

You may not have heard of it until Facebook became Meta in late 2021. Prior to that, there was already some activity, but very little. To make an urban analogy, imagine that there were a few separate houses, and now they are grouped together on a main street like a small neighborhood. In fact, there are several because there is more than one metaverse, such as Decentraland, The Sandbox, or Bloktopia.


How can online marketing take advantage of the metaverse?

The early metaverses were associated with games and had a very limited community. Nowadays, they are virtually constructed spaces for people to coexist, just like cities. You can play games, but you can also attend virtual events such as concerts or talks, explore other countries as a tourist, or make purchases of objects or products for the metaverse or even the real world.

The latest IAB social media study states that 22% of Spanish internet users have been in the metaverse at some point. Its notoriety has increased compared to the previous year, although it cannot be said that its use is widespread yet.

Brands are still present in an almost experimental way, testing functionalities to extract benefits and connect with their audience. This positions them as pioneers in the face of competition, an important value in technological sectors or those related to innovation.

In addition to the brand benefits, there are direct sales that can result from having a presence in the metaverse, known as i-commerce. It is possible to target these new users by creating specific events to promote products or take advantage of advertising spaces.

The metaverse has many advantages shared with the online world, such as high customizability and the ability for users to help us spread our products. And since purchases can be made without leaving the application, the return on investment is quick and easy to measure.

That's why, like in any marketing strategy, it's important to understand the users well and offer them what they expect in that environment. It doesn't work the same as in other channels; the experience is completely different. Simply imitating the real world is not enough; what can make us stand out is creating something unconventional.


Which email marketing campaigns to send

If you think of the metaverse as a complementary channel to the ones you are already using and forget about all the characteristics that make it special, you won't catch the attention of users who are already living in it. They are used to immersive experiences, and a simple message may not interest them.

It will be easier for you to plan your email marketing campaigns to attract new customers in the metaverse if you seek a more creative approach. With videos, 3D graphics, QR codes, and gamification elements, it is more likely that they will be interested in visiting you in the metaverse. You can also add user comments or reviews and make your privacy policy clear to demonstrate that you will protect their data.

Examples of campaigns for the metaverse

Email is a good channel to notify subscribers of your new presence in one of the existing metaverses. It can be a new store, an event, or a product, depending on your strategy in the virtual world.


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One way to increase visibility for your space is through videos or animations, not just screenshots, so that users want to enter if they have an account or even register if you explain the advantages of being part of your community there. This way, they can also help you attract new members.



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When planning your mailings, you can think of the metaverse as an additional promotional channel and expand your ticket sales or offer discounts on products there. Just like any other campaign, it can have a countdown, but with its own style.


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Avatars are a great source of income in the metaverse. A clothing store can prepare a special collection that allows users to wear the same models as in real life or completely different ones to experiment with new designs.



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If you have doubts about whether the metaverse is suitable for your brand, you can start with a collaboration to put you on the map without taking too much risk. Advertise it like any other promotion and analyze the results to assess whether to increase your presence there.


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A teaser to gather registrations for a waiting list is another way to measure the interest of your community. In this case, it is not necessary to provide much information about what's inside; it will be discovered in upcoming emails.



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