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Facebook as an email marketing tool

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A few days ago we compared social media with email marketing to conclude that can complement on certain occasions. Today we will show a specific case: how to increase your mailing lists through Facebook.

This social network is so popular that is usually present in most marketing plans. The trouble is we just have a few information regarding page fans. There is no option to export their e-mail and import directly to our mailing list: only Facebook knows them and doesn't share with companies. What good is then increasing fan base if it doesn't equate to increase the subscriber base?

The answer lies in our fans' hands:as Facebook does not provide the information, you have to ask the fans to give it us themselves. That it can be done easily but here's the catch, you have to offer something in return to encourage them to give us their personal data. If the fan does not see a value in the exchange, will hardly share his/her email or any additional information we ask.

Statistics say that one of the main reasons why someone becomes a fan of a business page on Facebook is to get some kind of reward for it. It may be exclusive or premium information but also the opportunity to participate in a lottery to provide awards in general (iPads, travels ...) or something related to the own brand products such as direct discounts, coupons or free samples.

You have to give value to the subscription, explain to fan that through email other information is sent or any advantage we're offering to differentiate it from Facebook. This decision is part of the overall marketing strategy, not just email or social media. It is worth thinking on the relationship that channels keep between each other to ensure that the gear is working properly.

Once decided the hook that we're going top use, we must find the way to offer in return of email. The most common way to get new subscribers to our email marketing lists are the promotions in Facebook. Just use an application like  Easypromos to offer a prize to the fans for their participation in a sweepstakes, contest or survey.

As we want to get their data, to win will have to fill out a short form. It will previously come filled with user Facebook information, so it won't suppose an added great effort to them. But the important thing is that,by giving 'Like' or publish a photograph will not win a share: besides that, they have to authorize us to use their email address for future mailings. So it must be included in the legal bases. Then just import the participants'email addresses to our database.

You can organize as many promotions as you want but they'll be more interesting for the fans if they are from different types. In Antavo you get ideas to make the promo every month by taking advantage of important dates on the calendar and get a constant source of attracting new subscribers.

Besides promoting your page's mailings to show how they are and which benefits you offer, a last option to get new subscribers to your list is to include the registration form as another tab or also link it from the "Call to Action" functionality. Thus, it will be visible when they'll visit your Facebook page.

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