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Email marketing vs Social networks

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Email marketing is still present in the companies' plans thanks to its many advantages. Today we will compare it with the social media marketing which in recent years has burst into the companies' plans ... but not to replace e-mailing as was thought during the initial euphoria.

It is true that social networks have their benefits, but if we compare the results of possible actions to take in each one, email campaigns remain far more efficient: 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter together, according McKinsey & Company's data. In conversion, it seems that no one beats the email. The reasons are varied but the use that is given to this channel is probably the key.

The users' activity on social networks are mainly related to their contacts, according to IAB's annual study.But also follows and interacts with brands, generally use is markedly social. However, someone who has left his/her contact details via web form or an online store customer who receives news and offers of the week has a greater willingness to purchase. Communication is much more direct than in social environments.

Segmentation is a key factor in both marketing strategies. Facebook, for example, allow you to select a specific user profile to see our updates and announcements. But the options are the same for all companies that use this social network. When we send a mail campaign just the opposite happens: the data to determine who will receive the email is just ours. It can be the basic data like in social networks: interests, location, demographic profile ... Even more interesting for conversion is his/her purchase history or the pages he/she has visited on our online webstore. It will depend on the database's detail and statistics that we can relate to this information. In this sense, the mailing's measurement and what happens next in our web is essential to achieve good results.

Personalization is difficult when it comes to social networks. Although it is a place of direct relationship with users, we know little about them. In email marketing, however, it is possible to address us using the name of the subscriber, send him/her a discount to visit our nearest shop to his/her location or even recommend a complementary product to the last he/she bought.

Finally, it is a basic question of numbers. The potential audience of email marketing continues to grow. Something logical if we think it is mandatory to have an email account to use any online service, including registration in social networks. Facebook, Twitter or YouTube users don't stop increasing but the range is reduced because algorithms that vary from time to time. Mail has no such problems and although battle with anti spam filters, it is sent directly to the inboxes of all subscribers..

In short and as we will see in future articles, email marketing wins in the comparison with social networks. But that does not mean they can not be used together on a strategy to get more subscribers. Each has its advantages, but if they work hand in hand, are a good complement.

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