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Ways to use Twitter to get new subscribers

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Imagen Ways to use Twitter to get new subscri

Twitter is said to be a more professional social network than Facebook, although without becoming LinkedIn. This is because the two users are not obliged to consent to be connected, that is, anyone can follow someone with a public account. Also, here there is no difference between company profiles and people so that all users have access to the same resources.

Twitter is used as an information source to stay up-to-date with the latest news, although its speed of use can lead to chat to more than one. Worldwide, 302 million users send daily 500 million tweets. How not to use it to increase our database?

One tweet are 140 characters, but it is necessary spend 22 to include a link to the registration form from our newsletter. In the space we have left, we must condense an attractive message to achieve that user click on it. A very effective option is to link it to the file of sent campaigns so user can take a look at the historical and so decides to sign. This works for us!

Twitter detractors find it hard to see the options to achieve in such a short space a such specific objective (in our case, the registration of new subscribers). But it is possible with the use of 3 key elements:

  • Images: creativity is just as important here as in any other social network. To insert a picture, characters are taken as if it were a link wich means that space is reduced even more. But it is worthwhile to highlight a tweet in our followers timeline. You can use as an image the header of your newsletter, a screenshot from a part of the latest issue sent or create one specifically to promote it. We use the same as we have in the registration form.
  • Hashtags: in general, include a descriptive word to tag a tweet is a fantastic way to position it within the Twitter search. Applied to achieve new records in the newsletter, it is important to promote the tweets the tweets that include the direct link to the form either those directed to the page of exclusive content to subscribers with a hashtag (two maximum). You can use #newsletter, #bulletin, or a word that describes your product or service.
  • Twitter Cards: pay to promote a tweet is very easy way to highlight it and thus try to get new subscribers. But although Cards are the advertising form of this social network, also they can be used free of charge without having to even enter the credit card. In this way you can create a tweet that, in addition to a holder, will include an image, a link to where the form is and a call to the default action that will be displayed as a clickable button ("Subscribe" and "Sign up now" would be the most appropriate for the objective that concerns us today).

In addition, within our deliveries we can include the button for tweeting the campaign and thus the more committed subscribers help us to inform about our newsletter to their contacts. Remember that Acrelia News' bar that is displayed in the web version of all sendings automatically includes the option to share it on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

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