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Free resources to improve the design of your emails

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Imagen Free resources to improve the design of your em

A visually appealing design with a good balance between the amount of text and images is one of the basic pillars of a good email marketing campaign.

Therefore, make sure to use pictures or graphs in your emails to enhance your message. People tend to better remember visual elements rather than texts. It is up to you to take advantage of it to implement it in your email marketing campaigns.

To give you a boost, we've compiled some resources to help you insert different types of visuals.


If, as many, you need very specific images or professional pictures that are only to be found in image banks, take a look at these sites:

  • Death to the stock photo By subscribing to their newsletter, you receive free photos, without watermark, directly in your email.
  • Gratisography is a collection of photos of a photographer available for free download



Unable to find the photo that best illustrates your campaign, and you need to create it by yourself?

  • Canva is a tool that helps you customize images very easily. No need to be an expert to use it: it is as intuitive as easy to use.


To talk about a software or an application, there is nothing better than a screenshot to support your text and illustrate the features in images.

  • Awesome ScreenShot is an extension of Chrome, Safari and Firefox to make screenshots directly from your browser. Choose the area to be selected, and drag and drop your image.
  • Placeit is a tool that allows you to capture different screens and mix them together without graphic skills.



To present figures, consider using graphs or tables. This is without doubt the most digestible way for your readers to retain information.

  • Piktochart is a tool that lets you create your infography for free. Simply enter the data, select the template you prefer, and you’re done! download your graphics.
  • If your data is more complex, prefer Excel or Google sheets to convert them into a table or a graph.



Icons are a great alternative to avoid falling into the opposite effect of overloading your emails with too many images. If you combine images and icons, you will get a better visual balance, and a better rendering.

  • The noun Project is a library of free icons, organized by category to easily find the one you need.



They are perfect to integrate into your campaigns if you want to post photos of your products or in real time.

  • The vast majority of us already has a mobile phone with an integrated camera. And there is no doubt that recent phones make quality shots. There are also applications to install on the phone to get better quality images such as lenses.
  • The SLR is a digital camera with good image quality. Remember to use it if your phone camera is not good enough.


By using these resources, you will give a personal stamp to your e-mail, and you'll stand out from the rest in the eyes of your readers. So, go ahead and try them all!


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