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Myth 6: Email marketing requires investing more resources

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Imagen Myth 6: Email marketing requires investing more resou

A company's marketing budget is distributed among different strategies, and email is just one of them. Choosing the one that takes the highest percentage is a decision that should be based on the results each strategy achieves, and email marketing ROI is high. It is a good investment because it achieves a lot with little, not because it has a high cost. So, it is a myth that many resources are needed or more than in other channels; you just need to know the available resources well and make them profitable.


Take Advantage of Pre-designed Templates

The visual aspect of email marketing is important because if the messages are not attractive, they may lose effectiveness, reduce click-through rates, and consequently, conversion. When a business starts, it can invest in a template created by the agency that has likely also handled the corporate website. But this cost is often unnecessary because any platform includes professional and free pre-designed templates. They can be customized in every imaginable aspect to fit any industry, so much so that they seem created specifically for each business.

No programming skills are needed to prepare an email marketing campaign. Modular design allows blocks to be easily moved to compose the message in a couple of clicks. Additionally, they can be saved, duplicated, and shared so that the rest of the team can use them, saving time and gaining efficiency because everyone will thus respect the brand's identity.


Recycle Content from Other Channels

If you think time will slip away from you by having to create new content for each campaign, you have believed the myth that you need resources for email marketing. But no, that's not the case. You have the option to create a newsletter to make use of pieces you already have, for example, from other channels, such as corporate news or videos, product demonstrations.

You can also regularly compile content published by your customers, for example, mentions on social networks or those you can specifically request in a photo contest.

The goal is to reduce dedication, not the quality or frequency of shipments. Therefore, while you will have to invest some time, it will be less than if you always had to fill all communications with new ideas.


Integrate Email Throughout the Company

Email marketing is not the only department using the company's database; customer service and the sales department also use it. If efficient contact management is done, for example, with a CRM, resources that can be dedicated to other tasks will be saved. Involving various departments is a way to ensure that the investment is profitable, and brand consistency is easily maintained with shared templates and files.

Perhaps it is easier for you to find allies within the marketing department itself, for example, to complement shipments with social media or mobile marketing. To avoid wasting resources, all areas need to work together and thus take advantage of the different impacts the user receives.


Automate Some Tasks

The belief that email marketing requires resources is also based on the idea that a lot of time must be spent configuring different types of shipments. It is true that it is necessary to maintain a minimum frequency of impacts to not lose customer interest, but automation is a good way to use time more efficiently and stay in touch with users. For example, alerts about when the service will be renewed, birthday greetings, satisfaction surveys after purchase, notifications about loyalty cards, etc., can be automated.

Additionally, messages can also be scheduled as reminders using dynamic segments, for example, to those who have not opened or clicked on a specific message. This way, time is saved, which is usually the scarcest resource when there is only one person dedicated to the company's marketing.


Choose a Reliable Management Platform

Creating a newsletter is free, but its success depends on both what is sent and who sends it. In other words, content and design are as important as the sender and the email marketing platform. So, investing some resources in a reliable tool is the best way to avoid losing money on messages that don't arrive because deliverability is low.

Features should cover not only templates or customizations but also data management that is easy from the start so that it does not require hours of learning. If it is user-friendly, in Spanish, and has phone support, it will be faster to start using it and, therefore, less time to benefit from email marketing.


Train the Team

For all of the above to happen, those responsible for email marketing within the company must have basic knowledge of how it works so that they can exploit its possibilities, adapting it to their business. You can go through the process together with an email marketing agency or delegate some tasks to it, but someone must advocate for the actions internally, for example, in front of other strategies.

Moreover, a large team is not necessary to manage a company's email marketing. Often, it is a single person who takes care of creating and monitoring shipments. They also handle other marketing, advertising, or communication activities, allowing for a better relationship between campaigns and thus gaining effectiveness in lead acquisition and conversion.

Whether it's one or more people, training them in email marketing is an investment that contributes to making it more profitable because communications will be better focused on the previously defined goals and will not go unnoticed among subscribers.


Adapt Deadlines

Email marketing has the advantage of being profitable in both the short and long term. The first because it is possible to make very quick shipments, for example, for a promotion or last-minute reminders to sell tickets for an event. The second, because a relationship is established with people on the contact list that grows gradually with each shipment.

Another advantage is that it is scalable, that is, it adapts to what the company needs at each moment, according to its growth. When subscribers increase, ways to monetize their data increase, but this investment is considered in the long term.

Sending a purely informative newsletter is the simplest. Segmenting and customizing shipments require a bit more dedication, but less than you think if you use dynamic fields.

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