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How not to combine email marketing and SMS marketing

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There are many reasons why your marketing strategy should combine email and mobile messages. Email and SMS campaigns are good allies if they are used in a coordinated way. Then you get the benefits of both channels and reach your targets more easily.

But it can also be a bad combination when:

  • You hide from users what you will do in each channel: this will make it look like you are forcing them to give you their consent for both, when they may prefer one over the other. If you don't let them know what kind of messages they are going to receive, they will be suspicious and you may lose sign-ups. It is better to be transparent from the start.
  • You repeat the same message in both channels and to the same people: with a good strategy, it is easy to solve this problem because it is clear what type of communication will be used in each one. For example: it is possible to send the same messages, but to different segments, so you know which channel works best for different age groups.
  • You chain SMS and newsletter, with no time separation between messages: each one has its own speed and, even if the opening rate is very high on mobiles, they may not have opened the newsletter yet. It is better to let at least a day or two go by before insisting. For example: it is better to only send an SMS message about an offer that expires that day, but you don't need to send it by email if you have already sent the campaign the week before.  
  • You use information from one channel to insist on the other: this is a beginner's mistake that can be corrected by analysing the results. For example: if they click on a campaign and you instantly send them a message to their mobile phone with a discount, you may get sales, but you may also lose sales because of uncomfortable situations.
  • You create dependency between channels: sending an SMS should not be used to notify that something important has been sent to the mail, for example when confirming a purchase or registering on a platform. Each one has its own use and should be kept separate so that they continue to have good results.

If you want to make a good mix in these channels:

  • Segment to choose well what you send and to whom so as not to repeat messages and not to saturate their favourite channels.
  • Provide a complementary experience by mixing more direct communications on mobile with more visual ones for larger screens.
  • Take advantage of the immediacy of SMS with the possibility of being more paused by email.
  • Exploit the possibility of very high open rates on mobile with the greater versatility of email formats.
  • Design a strategy that takes into account the time between messages, also considering the channel through which customers are impacted.

Finally, before sending anything, always assess which channel is best:

  • SMS: short and urgent notifications, although they should not always require immediate action because they may be received when you are offline or prefer to interact from another device with more peace of mind.
  • Email: messages with information to read at a leisurely pace or keep and archive, such as those that link to downloads or relevant data, and those that carry a download or purchase promotion. 

In this way, you can leverage them both separately and together and combine them when it works best for your strategy.

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