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How to choose the template for your next email marketing campaign?

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Imagen How to choose the template for your next email marketing campa

When you start in email marketing, one of the big questions to solve is wich template should our newsletter have. A Google search for campaign designs returns endless possibilities. Choosing the best is a task that is repeated in each sending because it does not have to be the same always. Today we give you some tips to make a good decision.

The best way to choose your template is to take into account its goal. What do you want the subscriber to do or why should sign up for your messages? There are many possible objectives and each one will require a different design that helps to achieve them. Some examples:

  • To communicate a corporate message, you can opt for a basic column with your logo that remembers a letter. It is also useful for some times of the year, such as Christmas parties, if you want to give a more formal look to the message.
  • When it comes to online stores and the goal is to sell new products, the price must be clearly displayed along with purchase call-to-action buttons well clear. Equally is interesting for real estate agencies that want to highlight a property.
  • If you are looking to show a commercial offer, a two-column design with thumbnail of the image on the left and text on the right allows you to include a couple of them to draw attention to their characteristics.
  • Getting records for an event depends on making the button visible as well as highlighting basic information such as day and place, as well as being able to use a related image.
  • To bring traffic to your blog posts or news section of your site, you need a template that has just enough room for a small summary of the content, thumbnail picture and the 'read more' button.

Although all these goals are the main ones, we must not forget that any of them can benefit from the fact that the newsletter is shared in social networks so the template must also include the buttons for it. It can be to share every news or offer, or campaign in general. In addition, the icons to follow you in social media are another way to cross the email client borderso that the subscribers go to your profiles and discover more of your business.

As we said at the beginning, it is not necessary that all the campaigns that you send have the same template. You can change it according to the objectives you pursue, but you must always respect your corporate identity: any design can be customized with your colors so that the image that the subscriber takes is always consistent with your brand. This is not only achieved with the sender, but also with the different content elements. For example, that the buttons are always red to contrast with the background or that the header image includes a reference to your field, in addition to the company logo.

One last point of obligatory comlience: your template has to be adaptive. All Acrelia News' templates are, but it's worth remembering that if you do not make your mailings responsive, you'll be losing more and more volume of opportunities with subscribers who check your sendings from mobile devices.

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