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Is it good or bad to publicly share the campaigns?

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The database is the most important thing in email marketing: you have to take care of the subscribers and give them what they want in each sending. We take care of them so much that it is easy to ask the question of whether you can publicly share what you send them. The campaigns are so personal that we are not clear whether it is worth it or not letting them know the rest because it would seem that we betray their trust.

The answer to the question of whether to share the campaigns is good practice or an error to avoid will depend on the goal: depending on what you have raised, it is good to do it but other times it is not necessary. Let's see an example of each case:

  • When you want the campaign to have a wide reach, that is, reach as many people as possible, you can not just send it to the complete list: you have to share the web version on your own social media and ask your subscribers to do the same. The simplest way is to add the social buttons to make it very easy, including also the one to forward (although obviously always have the option to do it from the mail cllient, it is worth remembering and keep the forwards' statistics). You can do this at the same time of sending the campaign and, as a reminder, wait the next day or a few hours later in case the sending has an expiration date.
  • Instead, when you've asked your subscribers to sign up for your newsletter to receive exclusive offers, you have no reason to make your campaign's web version public. On the one hand, because if you communicate that privileged information to subscribers in an open way in social networks, nobody would have reason to register (rather, on the contrary, it is possible that some of them unsubscribe because you have not kept your word of giving them something that others do not have). On the other hand, because if you send offers related to their previous purchase or their specific interests, possibly a part of your list will not know about it because you will have segmented the sendings very well and not sent the same to the database.

If for each campaign you use a different template because you adapt to their goal, as we suggested last week, you can take into account when you are interested in making more obvious social buttons to encourage more or less to share it. However, as always it is advisable to include the web version in the sendings so that the subscribers can see the newsletter in their browser, once there, they can share it if they want, even you have included the buttons or not. So, deep down, it's hard to know what subscribers are doing.

Finally, if your goal is to get subscribers, having a history of newsletters sent  will be very useful to you because it serves you as a sample of the type of sendings you make. In this way, if someone doubts and does not know whether to sign up or not, you can decant the balance towards yes. Here you have the file of numbers sent in our newsletter in case you want to consult them and sign up.

As an alternative to the automatic version of this history, you can do one on your own only with the campaigns you are interested in that are public and hide, for example, those that are more exclusive. You know: it always depends on your goal.

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