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Pros and cons of outsourcing your email marketing

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There are companies that have very clear that hiring someone external is necessary for certain tasks because they do not have enough time to manage them internally. Others are reluctant to delegate any aspect of marketing strategy and prefer to avoid outsourcing. Both options are respectable because we must admit that outsourcing has its pros and cons.

Let's start with the positive side because it has more arguments. Hiring an expert agency in email marketing services allows:

  • Skip the doubts with which we all start to know which way we should take in terms of recommended frequency, adequate contents, adapted templates to mobile devices ...
  • Solve the questions that arise in the day to day without having to waste hours looking for the answer because we do not have enough knowledge to make the most optimal decision.
  • Save time on each of the necessary steps to create a newsletter because maybe we can choose the information but we do not care so much about the legal part or the maintenance of the lists.
  • Avoid the concerns to meet the expectations of management regarding the results to be achieved in each campaign as they help us to improve and optimize.
  • Delegate the constant effort of creating and maintaining an email marketing strategy, because it is more than sending the newsletter and forgetting until the next month.

All are pros in favor of outsourcing these services, because agencies have more experience than internal teams since they often perform various marketing tasks or are not specialized in a particular strategy. So the summary of the benefits of outsourcing could be that it saves time when the team is not prepared enough to handle the management of email marketing, either because of lack of time or knowledge in HTML design, copys, database management, statistics analysis ...

But you have to be realistic and there are also cons, that is, reasons why outsourcing may not be necessary in your company. For example, when you have a large department with the necessary knowledge to perform those tasks or if you have the internal resources and time to train them. Of course, resources may not be sufficient depending on the deadlines that have been set or the level of expected results in the strategy.

So, on the question of whether or not you should outsource your email marketing, the best answer is: value the pros and cons to make the right decision in your case. In addition, you can always opt for a mixed version that allows you to keep your team involved but also take advantage of the experience of external professionals for specific tasks.

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