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Tips to send an interesting internal newsletter

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Internal newsletters do not usually get good results, even if the open rates are high. This is what happens when reading them is mandatory, but the content is not interesting for them. If they are more focused on explaining the company's achievements than on demonstrating its true culture, they become institutional email campaigns and not what they should be: tools to involve and unite the team.

Here are some tips on how to create an internal newsletter that won't be boring so that it won't be ignored.


First of all, be clear about your strategy

The internal newsletter cannot be the same as the external one. Your employees are not your customers, so you need to specify your strategy differently. The basics to keep in mind are:

  • What are your objectives? Do you want to use it to motivate them, increase productivity, create team feeling, retain or get talent?
  • Who will you target be? Will the newsletter be the same for all the employees or it will be different according to their departments or profiles, i.e. how will you segment and personalise it?

If you look at it, it is very similar to a conventional email marketing strategy, but applied to internal communication.


Design with the external newsletter as a reference

After specifying the strategy, you can now answer the question that will help you to specify the contents: what are you going to send them? It can be interviews with anonymous questions, motivational videos, photo galleries with memes of the sector, satisfaction surveys, family drawing contests...

When choosing the template, you can base it on the external newsletter, for example in terms of columns or general distribution of the blocks. But create a new header that makes it clear that it is exclusive to employees. You can also give it a distinctive name, such as a pun or an internal wink.



Set the right tone for the conversation

Addressing customers is not the same as talking to employees. If they need a different message, they need a different tone as well. It can be more relatable, fun, and even complicit. It can also be more transparent and open to encourage dialogue and bring up interesting conversations for different areas, such as proposals or suggestions for improvement.

The tone starts in the subject line, so you can use a representative emoji or name to draw attention to it in their inboxes, but not misleading words like "meeting", "urgent" or "event". Write it with the thought that it's a newsletter like any other, not an internal mailing between departments.


Make it collaborative

Encourage employees to participate in the creation of the internal newsletter, even anonymously through a form. This way you can collect their content for future mailings: holiday images, images of shop interiors, funny situations in the office or links to useful resources for a department, to news or current events in the sector.

If you decide to include it in a recurring section, you can also take the opportunity to include in that corner congratulations to employees who have a birthday or celebrate an anniversary in the company, or recommend one of their profiles on social networks. This way they will see that they are protagonists and will feel important.

Email marketing is useful for internal communication for online shops with hundreds of employees or for small companies with no more than a dozen employees. The key aspect is to treat them as potential customers and to take care of them with good content marketing, i.e. by offering them mailings that are designed for them. In this way, it is possible to send an internal newsletter that is not boring and that fulfils its purpose.


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