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Newsletters for employees, a good internal communication practice

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The most common way to focus email marketing is to outward, that is, to relate to customers or potential customers who subscribe from our website's sign in entry form. But internal communication can also benefit from the sendings we make to our workers, as long as they are not the same as the rest of commercial campaigns and it is clear what is their level of confidentiality.

When creating the list, in addition to the basic data such as name, surname and corporate email (never the personal email to not invade his free time), also add personal information as the language or city if you have several offices and dates that you can take advantage as the incorporation to the company or anniversary. A sending to celebrate the years that an employee has been working in the company is something that shows a personal interest in him, as well as a surprise for his birthday. In both cases, have several messages ready to not repeat yourself each time (you can comment it among peers and see that they are the same would break the idea of personalization).

Depending on the size of the company, it is convenient to group the employees by departments or positions. It is a way of being able to segment equivalent to the interest groups. This way we can send more relevant updates to each one, for example, with some message that encourages sales people to meet their monthly goal or reminding managers when the next meeting is.

Some ideas for topics that could be addressed in a newsletter for employees:

  • Product launch news, events in which the company participates, company milestones, important incorporations, change of regulations ...
  • Surveys regarding the situation of the company or its department can be useful to know the work environment.
  • Courses to develop their professional skills. They can be general or specific, according to the options of segmentation that you have.
  • Internal job offers to improve their jobs or help find a candidate. If you also communicate the vacancy to them first, you will reaffirm your willingness to help them grow professionally.

In addition, employees are often a good starting point to boost the reach of updates so you can encourage them to share in their personal social networks a featured content that we want to draw attention to. Make it clear when something is confidential so there is no leakage. Also take the opportunity to remind them how they can help increase the company's customer database.

As for the frequency of sendings, it must be taken into account that it is not about clients to convince to buy, but from employees to whom we ask they attend us within their working day. On the one hand, we must send the internal newsletter always in office hours or equivalent so as not to interfere with their free time. On the other, we should not be too insistent so one newsletter per month is enough to keep them updated of what happens in the company. And be brief: do not need to steal much time.

Un último apunte es sobre quién debería firmar estos mensajes. Comunicación interna o RRHH son los más lógicos en cuanto a departamentos, pero quizá lo haga gerencia o el director de cada departamento si son envíos más personales. Sea quien sea, un calendario te ayudará a organizarlos para llegar a tiempo con los plazos.

A final note is about who should sign these messages. Internal communication or HR are the most logical in terms of departments, but it may be done by management or the director of each department if they are more personal. Whoever it is, a calendar will help you organize them to be on time with deadlines.

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