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Ways to take advantage of your email signature

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Every day we send and receive dozens of emails and newsletters, both personal and work. If our email is communicated publicly on the web, we can receive messages from all sorts of people: a prospective customer, one that makes us a query or perhaps a future employer. Some senders get our attention more than others and we are curious to know more details about who sends it. We can look at the domain from which the message is sent or take our eyes to the email's signature.

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Some companies have a template to ensure that all workers sign equal their emails and maintain a serious and coherent image. The basic data includes full name, department, position and other contact forms. Within the latter concept also figure the social profiles of the company. To make the message more personal, some digitize the actual signature of that person or even insert their corporate photography instead of the traditional logo.

But, beyond informing the email's recipient regarding the sender, there are other ways to leverage your email signature that have an impact directly on your marketing goals:

  • Getting subscribers: add a message to remind the people you daily exchange emails with that can follow the corporate news in the company's newsletter once a month. This way you respect their decision to not want to register and do not bomb them with information that may not want to receive.
  • Adding records: Consider any event in which is necessary to give data. From access to a demo to participate in a photo contest, a product presentation or an online course. Any of your contacts might want to participate but, above all, remember to change the ads when dates pass.
  • Promote content: it depends on the occasion and the type of piece you want to announce. Some suggestions: if you launch a press release, if you add to the web a case study because you finish a project, you reach a certain number of followers on social networks, post a video or a PDF guide or if you link to the last article of your blog .
  • Sell your products:Take advabntage of the fact that in your emails you address to people you know to add a commercial message that has some exclusivity. For example, offer them a discount applicable only to your contacts, to those who bring new customers or give them more time in any promotion.

Any of these messages can be text type (link) or an image specifically designed (button or banner). In this case, it is common to use spreader bars to split blocks. But do not overdo it: better be a short signature than too something too complex. Highlight the important and try to vary it from time to time: instead of linking to the main channel (for example, the products section of your web) do it to a specific part (a product card on promotion). In this way the firm does not lose dynamism and remains interesting.

The more employees your company has, the more scope their signatures will achieve. Also, you can use any of these tricks at the footer of your newsletters if you use an epistolary design where you maintain a more conversational tone.

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