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What is the recommended extension for a newsletter?

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Imagen What is the recommended extension for a newslet

The time we have should not be a criterion for deciding the length of our newsletter, although it may happen that we resort to easy mailing campaigns to get out of the way and are all different but without any real argument behind. If we organize, we can get to structure the sendings in such a way that each one responds to a goal and, therefore, to a concrete format and extension.

For example, we can define in our email marketing strategy that a promotional campaign will be done with an image of an offer product every week and a monthly mailing with more editorial content that could be a blog-like article. The goals are different (the first is more commercial while the second is more loyalty oriented) so they have different recommended extensions.

In general, a newsletter should not be very long, especially if it is for an audience that associates this communication channel with quick notification messages. Of course, the subscriber may decide to read it in parts in several days or to file it to dedicate time later, but we must make his reading easier. That is why, if we need to include a lot of information, should:

  • Offer the option to print or download as PDF in ebook format if it is a guide or educational content. In addition, it could serve to attract new subscribers.
  • Include a menu in the form of anchors at the beginning or in the sidebar so you can jump to the section that interests you most and do not have to read all the information.

But if we want the subscriber to react quickly to our sending, it is better to be brief and direct. The goal then is not to read our news or opinions, but to click to visit some product of our web or ask for more information. A simple template with a gallery or prominent image makes the extension in words short. But it is in these cases more than if there is much text, when it is convenient to take care of calls to action to not lose any click.

A small technical note before following: when talking about size also refers to the weight of the images that are included in the campaigns. Although the connection speed is increasing even in mobiles, it is very important to optimize them so that they do not keep the subscriber waiting while they are downloaded from the server. This does not mean losing quality in the pictures, but make sure they are not bigger than really needs the design. Keep in mind that the weight of the images and the HTML of your email can affect your delivery and condition that your message is delivered in your subscriber's tray or not, so try not to exceed 100Kb.

Another type of email campaign in which size matters is also when we make a content promotion already published in the blog, as we do from Acrelia News' newsletter. These are short sendings, as a notification, so that the subscribers are up to date with our content and news. If we send it monthly as do many of our clients, surely it would be a list of links with some outstanding image, that is, it would be a little more extensive but not until it takes a lot of time to read.

Therefore, there is no single extension possible, on the contrary, it must adapt to what you want to achieve in each sending and the user's type to which we address. Checking the statistics of our sendings can help us to detect if the length of our newsletter is correct, studying the subscribers' interaction.

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