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What is the relationship between email marketing and SEO?

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We've already talked about how important can become social networks and email marketing in strategy. But when it comes to attract traffic to a website, search engines are the main source in many cases. 3 options vary its position in the ranking depending the business model so today let's focus on search engine optimization and how your newsletter can help.

When we talk about SEO, we refer to the possibility of improving the indexation of content, ie, optimize it so Google place it higher on the search results page. That is why if we consider that what we email to our subscribers reaches their inbox and does not come out of there, search engines do not affect to email marketing.

Apparently, neither will do it if the sending browser version is hosted in the mail provider website because what would appear in the search results page would not be our own website if not his. But inbound links that a site receives is a factor in Google positioning so we can help even just a little to our blog if the newsletter contains links to articles we have published there.

There is a clear relationship between SEO and email marketing to use to our advantage when we think that each sending is a page that we'll post on our website and we do not leave it just in the history of sendings. To do this, you just have to copy the HTML code of the campaign that you have sent and create the page in your web content manager such as WordPress.

The key question here is what we want search engines to find because, if we've made a dynamic sending, we will have several options to choose from. Please note that from the time when Google indexes your newsletters, they may reach people who are not subscribers. On the one hand, this implies a more careful selection of messages to communicate, for example, to not say something that only customers should know.

On the other, the fact that content is indexed allows that will be longer available through Google and not only have effect during the following hours of the sending. So campaigns that include offers that expire may have less interest to search results than others linked to blog articles or product sheets. In other words, not all campaigns are interesting to publish on a website.

When you have chosen what content to publish, the template is the most decisive factor for SEO. The good news is that email marketing is already working with HTML code, more simple than a web page so it's easier to be indexed properly by search engines. At the time of writing the newsletter, headlines are what most influence on the positioning and is there where often concentrates the largest number of keywords, as happens in the subject.

Decide which marketing strategy is better than another can be difficult. In fact, the mixture of some of them is usually the preferred way to approach a plan to achieve our goals: no need to choose between SEO and email marketing, but combine them to achieve better results.


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