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Advantages of hiring an email marketing agency

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Imagen Advantages of hiring an email marketing ag

All the possibilities that email offers to different departments makes necessary to have a strategic overview for companies in all sectors. Relying on an email marketing agency to guide you in the steps to follow has many advantages because it avoids making mistakes along the way as you are receiving expert advice.

Why hiring an agency specialised in email marketing?

Some people mistakenly believe that to do email marketing you only need a tool that allows you to send mass mailings. If you consider all the objectives that the campaigns achieve, there is more reason to have a team specialised in this area and not in other general marketing issues.


Advanced email marketing services

Before sending a campaign, and therefore before using an email marketing tool, you need to have a strategy to make every mailing a success. Performing an audit is a good way to start because it detects strengths and weaknesses in databases, design or deliverability.

In addition, when it comes to companies that have been sending emails for some time, it is also advisable to verify the emails and thoroughly review the statistics, to learn from the results and use them to better understand the behaviour of subscribers. 


An email marketing agency offers these services as part of a professional consultancy because it is not advisable to make decisions without prior analysis. 


Email marketing platform

For tasks related to the implementation of the strategy and the day to day, it is necessary to have a robust platform with tools for professional campaign design, advanced segmentation to choose recipients based on various parameters and, of course, real-time statistics to analyse the results.


The advantage of owning this platform as with Acrelia is that we know exactly how it works. This will allow you to use it to squeeze the most of its possibilities and not stay in the basics of email marketing.

Support is also important because, even if the editor is easy to use, there may still be a question about a feature. Having someone on the other end of the phone to solve problems is what makes the difference in a Spanish email marketing agency.


Benefits of hiring an email marketing agency

In Acrelia we have been helping our customers for more than 10 years. Starting hand in hand with specialists and following the path accompanied by expert advisors in email marketing campaigns will bring you closer to your goal because it is a much more efficient way than if done at your own risk.


Send professionally

The easiest way is to use one of the many templates offered by any tool, but even if it is customised, it may not be enough to comply with the type of sending you want to do. In addition, you need to ensure consistency over time, especially if there are different people handling the messages.

An email marketing agency ensures that the campaign will be seen in different browsers and email managers and will take into account its configuration for high deliverability because, if it does not reach the inbox, it is useless if it is well designed.


Make the most of your database

Getting a good list of contacts is not easy and quality is always better than quantity, so you need to make sure you get the most out of the information available. From form fields to previous behaviours, segmentation is where an agency specialised in mass mailings can contribute the most.

If we also add the possibility of having dynamic fields, it becomes even more evident that the campaign designer must know the details of how the tool works in order to configure it efficiently. This will ensure that subscribers respond positively to the messages.


Apply best practices

When working with email marketing in-house, the vision is limited to what has been done before. In contrast, an agency brings in external expertise, based on its experience with email campaigns.

As the team is used to this channel, they can bring in best practices from the same or other sectors. For example: automations, innovative formats or design trends can be ways to improve applicable to different business models. Specialisation brings value to the company, especially when it comes to increasing conversions.


Optimising from data

Measuring is a task that can be tedious and neglected if there is no one to facilitate the understanding of the reports. An email marketing agency takes care of this so that, in addition to having an overview of how communications are going, conclusions can be drawn and used to make decisions.

The optimisation of messages includes different parameters depending on the objective and metrics used. Experience is what helps to detect where the opportunity lies, for example in changing the subject line, the time of sending or the choice of images.


Saving resources

Outsourcing is a way to be more efficient because internal resources are concentrated on more business-related tasks. You don't need to spend time researching how to do something specific, because the experts already know how to do it and can even train you to learn how to do it yourself.

The resource savings of having an agency that is 100% dedicated to email marketing also leads to a higher return on investment because it is focused on the sole purpose. With no distractions from other tasks, you don't lose focus and you spend your time maximising profitability.


After seeing all the benefits of having experts on your side, would you like us to be your email marketing agency? Contact us.

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