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Coloured QR codes, a trend coming to email marketing

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Imagen Coloured QR codes, a trend coming to email marke

QR codes are becoming increasingly prevalent in our lives and are no longer something unfamiliar that people don't know how to use. They can be found on posters in the streets, purchase receipts, event tickets, TV programs, magazines, and also in email marketing campaigns because they are very useful for easily inserting promotional content.

A traditional QR code is a square formed by a set of black pixels on a white background. To make it more eye-catching, additional frames or arrows can be designed to point to it, but they are all practically the same: there is no variety to choose from, it is a standard recognized by everyone.

However, as happened with barcodes, initiatives are emerging to customize them and modify their shape and colour slightly to encourage users to scan them. They are appearing in paper formats and can also be incorporated into promotional email campaigns.


What do personalised QR codes look like?

To be recognizable by QR readers, the code must maintain its traditional shape, but all its elements can be customized.


Coloured QR codes

Black and white is the most common combination of text and background, although it can give a negative impression in a design where other colours predominate or if a transparent background is needed. Using corporate colours instead of black and converting them into a gradient will make it more eye-catching.

Imagen QR en c

Additionally, it is possible to use one colour for the interior and another for the reference corners so that it ceases to be monochromatic and becomes a design element.


Different shaped eyes

The corners are points that must be present in all QR codes because they delimit the code that needs to be interpreted. They are called eyes and it is usual for them to be squares with a black background. But it is now possible to change their shape to be round or with some more pronounced sides, even to have each corner with its own shape.

Imagen QR en c

As mentioned earlier, their colour can also be changed to be different from the content and also between the border and the background.


Adjustable pattern

The black pixels may appear random, but they can be given a certain shape by creating an optical effect with the background colours, for example, to create the logo or a simple image. In addition, the pixels can create small shapes, turning the QR code into a brand element and not just a specific promotion.

Imagen QR en c

It is also possible to include an icon in the centre of the code, which is very practical when linking to social networks or simply to reinforce the brand image.


Customized frame

Although it has always been possible to insert the QR code into any design, using a customized one can create calls to action that encourage scanning. Space is limited, but two or three words may be enough: "Follow us," "Watch the demo," or "Sign up now."

Imagen QR en c

The end result is a colour QR code that integrates very well into professional designs and respects the brand identity by using its colours and logo. Additionally, it is also more visually appealing and usable by being able to incorporate a reference to the destination (for example, social media icons), making it more likely that the user will want to scan it.

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