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Wearables, the next goal of your email marketing

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Imagen Wearables, the next goal of your email market

Wearables are a type of electronic devices incorporated to accesories or clothing and have as a main goal enhance the user experience thanks to the high level of interaction between the two.

There are different types: smart watches, sneakers with GPS incorporated, bracelets Wetech ... Some of them, like the case of smart watch (Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S, Motorola 360, Pebble Steel ...) are changing the way of understanding email and it is important to know how they can influence your email marketing mailings.

According to a Fortune study, during 2015, each month 2.5 million smart watches will be sold, housing projections for growth of 600% in four years. In addition, by 2019 it is estimated that the internet access with wearables for any purpose will be of 478 million. It is also expected that users choose to shop with these devices before their phones, according to Cisco Systems based on a study recently conducted.

The main feature of these devices are their small dimensions and precisely for this reason, their screens and viewing is not of high quality and resolution. This is the main factor responsible for wearables about why they will provoque a radical change in the way of understanding an email.

5 tips to optimize your mailings destined for smart watches or other wearables

  • Plain text version, essential. The vast majority of smart watches do not support the email HTML version and can only be viewed in its text version. Therefore, it's important to include the text version in all your mailings and optimize it to read it correctly and maximize this way your results.
  • Message subject, even shorter. With wearables you'll have less space in the message line (in the case of smart watches between 12-18 characters and 30-45 characters). Therefore, it is more important than ever to choose, to form the subject, interesting elements that allow you to capture the attention of your recipients.

Imagen Weara


  • Don't forget the pre-header. Help yourself with the pre-header to supplement the subject's information and get to capture the reader's attention.
  • The most important content, at the beginning. The time that your users use to read your messages and the amount of information they read and determine if they decide to continue reading or discard your email, is lower in wearables than in other devices. Therefore, it is vital to put the most important at the beginning of the email content.
  • Minimalist design. Given the limited space available in the wearables, your message must be direct, short and relevant. To give it strength, the design is a crucial element. You should opt for a minimalist yet attractive design, everything should be very visual. Help yourself with colour palettes which contrast with the content, use little condensed fonts and be sure they are big enough to facilitate the email's readability and let the text breathe using blanks.

Wearables are the present and the future of a new way to use technology that will be very well received by users, so don't let these new devices in a side and get them involved with your email marketing mailings.


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