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Transparency is everything when it comes to Non-Governmental Organizations. Scandals of the past generated distrust in the management of funds and now, more than ever,is necessary to give an image of professionalism and competence. In addition to a clear and faithful to the organization's values website, communications have to demonstrate competence: the proper management of email marketing also helps to convey an NGO's reputation.

Let's start with what uses to be the biggest concern: getting new members. Gone are the days when volunteers at street level, direct marketing, telemarketing or advertisements were the only way to get them. The website is another channel for receiving funds, whether from specific or recurring members, so it's easy to collect email addresses for future communications if we include the subscription box to our newsletter.

If it is simply a form to request information is basic to set up an automatic response to not lose the interest of the person who fills it towards NGO's activity and thus increasing the chances to become a volunteer. donor or member. Try to make it a personal message, with updated data and well-argued, so the user can make a decision in a short period of time.

Email marketing is very useful for communication with stakeholders and members. It works to keep a direct contact and don't lose the relationship with them. It complements perfectly with social networks in the diffusion of NGO's important messages and can be a plus, for example, for attendance at events or donations for specific campaigns.

For this reason it's very important managing a calendar, so you make sure that all communication of the company is aligned. But you must also have the ability to react in case there is an emergency that requires attention from your organization.For example, having prepared in advanced a template or outline of the email marketing campaign could suppose to be the first to reach members with that to get more aid.

Whether you rent the list as if it is your property, keep in mind two factors for better conversion:

  • Segmentation: We have already said that personalization humanizes communication but segmentation, also allows you to better choose the recipients of the messages thus you get assured that you reach the most receptive people. 
  • Call-to-Action: "Donate now", "Help us to...", "Share" ... use clear buttons, unambiguous of what you ask to the subscriber. Also take care of the visual part, ie, highlighting them from the background for easy click.

Remember that email marketing favors the relationship with your members or donors so do not send email campaigns only when you need something from them. A regular newsletter with information regarding how are evolving the projects in which it has been invested, what is the latest campaign that has been done or annual results is a way to thank subscribers for their participation and encourage their entailment with the NGOs.

Our last tip to summarize is to have a clear objective for each newsletter that you do: recruitment, loyalty, awareness, conversion of donors, messages viralization... This will help you both in the design that you must choose as well as the content, calendar, and recipients. For this reason, you have to measure well the results to optimize the future email campaigns.

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