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Differences between B2B and B2C marketing

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The key of any marketing action is to know perfectly the recipient of the same. Knowing what he likes or what information he expects to receive from us it is easier to get good results, also when we refer about email marketing. In the case of email campaigns recipients for companies B2B and B2C, do not have the same needs nor businesses share the same objective.

B2C strategies generally seek to provoque the impulse purchase while B2B strategies are more focused in building long-term loyalty. An online store is an easy example to understand the difference: the messages sent to its customers are orientated to provoque the purchase and are not the same messages that are receiving as a parcel service's client.  

A newsletter for B2B usually has less images because is less oriented on selling products and more focused to inform about the industry and the company since the goal use to be to strengthen its reputation. But even if you're using an apparently more serious corporate template, it can be visually attractive. Do not forget the details to get stand out in the inbox and get the user's attention.

Each industry is different but in general, these are some types of articles you can include in your email campaigns:

  • Industry news: guides, comparisons, trend analysis...
  • Corporate information: new products, events, media appearances...
  • Customer Data: success stories, featured testimonials, new projects ...
  • Interviews with team members or CEO's messages, provided that they are of interest to your subscribers
  • Featured product promotions or services from time to time is not a bad idea, while not regularly.

All these industry news and corporate information can appear only in the newsletter or be linked to previously published articles in the corporate blog.This strategic decision also affects the email campaigns frequency since it is unusual for B2B companies to send a daily or weekly newsletter. Although it's often recommended monthly, some are sent every 2 or 3 months.

Another difference between email to end customers and other companies is the sent time. In addition to the considerations that we already saw regarding the best day and time, please note that it is not the same choosing a vacation destination that a new computer software for a department. Office hours in the morning is the usual. For that, also value their time: there's no need to compose excessively long emails if they're not direct and very specific.

The list of B2B business is composed almost exclusively by clients or former clients, but registration can also be encouraged with useful materials for their day to day like events, ebooks or templates. Each industry is different, so a solution is to link your email marketing to a CRM so that the database allows you to segment and customize email campaigns. Furthermore, some email addresses can be generic from a department and not with a name and surname.

A final consideration is that the email adresses from a B2B list are from companies or institutions domains, that is, usually have their own mail servers. That is why the anti spam filters are not the same as for Gmail or Hotmail accounts so deliverability is a factor to be taken into account when creating your campaign.

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