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Graphic design for a perfect email marketing

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The visual part of an email marketing campaign is as important as the design of the corporate website: both reflect the personality of the brand and are concerned about adding clicks to increase company sales. It is a common mistake to think that it is only about including beautiful images that attract attention. Of course it is important to take care of that aspect, but also many others like the ones we discuss today to make a perfect email marketing thanks to graphic design.

First things first: choose a template that is responsive. The statistics of your emailing provider will tell you the percentage of users that access your newsletter from your mobile. Everything seems to indicate that the trend is to increase that number so you can not allow your messages not to look good on smartphones or tablets (just like your corporate website). An adaptive template will save you this problem because it scales the contents so that the text is readable, including the buttons that include actions and how important they are to measure the conversion of your sendings.

The elements' layout (headlines, text, columns, images, buttons ...) as well as their size and colors are factors to take into account also when designing the template:

  • Do not make titles with too large font size and texts too small: minimum 22 for the first and 14 for the second.
  • Choose standard fonts: if you prefer not to use the classic Arial or Verdana, include alternative fonts to control how e-mailing will look.
  • Combine your corporate palette colors to make it clear what's clickable: do not lower your click-through rate by a bad choice.
  • Beware of columns: do not make them too narrow and do not justify the text so that they are easy to read even from the computer.
  • Use graphic elements to highlight images: Animated GIFs can be a good resource because they attract attention and help tell an interesting story that catches the campaign recipient.
  • Add videos to stand out from competitors and to achieve virality: if you are interested in making sendings accessible too, include a transcription.  
  • Place the most important buttons at the top of the newsletter: that's where your main call to action should go.

These recommendations are general but to make the perfect graphic design of a newsletter you also have to think about the different campaigns that a company can send: it is not the same to promote an event than summarizing the already published content in a blog. Let's distinguish several possible types of email marketing sendings and see what to keep in mind to design them properly:

  • Newsletter: The classic newsletter has the objective of generate engagement with readers and customers so having a clear structure and constant design are good practices that influence the brand reinforcement.
  • Promotions: If you want to sell something, you have to resort to a striking design that encourages the click and do not distract you from the important of your product, coupon, event, contest ... In this case, it is equally basic to take care of the message subject to strengthen the promotion.
  • Seasonal: The campaigns that are sent at specific times of the year like summer or Christmas holidays deserve a special attention to the graphic details that make them closer and human. For example: a reference to holidays, to the beach, to the snow ...

Last recommendation is to test everything possible in different browsers and mail clients, also mobile. Although user should always be able to use the option to view the email sending in his browser (even provide a text version), make sure that the design is well adjusted to what you wanted and that you do not disregard images or styles that spoil, besides user experience, your brand image.

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