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Perfection is something that we pursue in many aspects of personal life, why not to do so in the professional? Excellence in email marketing is measured in the results: a perfect newsletter achieves high ratios of opens, clicks and conversions. But is that really possible?.

Let's start with the deliverability: the perfect newsletter is received by the majority of subscribers who we send it in their inbox, not on their spam tray. Achieving this depends on many factors: the quality of the list to which we send, content, including user interaction with our sendings. Remember that in Acrelia News we help you to efficiently manage your contacts and that, with anti-spam analyzer tool you can check your newsletter's content to keep it from falling into the wrong tray.

Getting subscribers to open the newsletter can be more complicated if we do not use correctly segmentation options: sending to the whole list is difficult for the message to be interesting for all but choosing a lower volume of recipients can get higher opens percentages. In addition, we can review the data to see which is the best time to send it.

The subject line is key to ensure a high number of opens, as we already explained in our guide to success. We can not write it fast and without paying it attention. There are several ways to write effective subject lines but all have in common that focus to the users needs: highlighting some content's element and adding a time component to indicate urgency usually get high rates. Combining a good subject line and a good segmentation is more likely. And even more if we have already earned an image of trusted senders.

Once our newsletter is opened, our goal should be to get a high rate of clicks and a reasonable number of conversions. This involves several elements:

  • Design: Choosing the appropriate template will depend on the type of newsletter that we're sending, but must have a good colours' balance and white space to not be uncomfortable to read. If it's not visually attractive, clicks will not rise.
  • Copywriting: the textual part is the one that persuades the user but it's not need to bore him with a lengthy newsletter. The most effective messages are direct, the more specific the better. Hence the importance of segmenting because we address to specific needs of a certain audience.
  • Calls to action: they are the ones that really achieve the clicks so we can distribute them throughout the whole newsletter. They can be buttons created for that purpose but can also include links in images or text itself, also in social icons.

In short, a perfect newsletter is that one that is targeted to a specific audience with a well explained direct message and designed to encourage clicks. Simple, isn't it? Well, remember that perfection, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, so it is possible that what seems perfect to us for others not. Hence it is so important to look at the statistics to learn from each sending what our subscribers want and to establish the necessary corrective measures for the following.. 

Finally, remember that Acrelia News offers the Advanced Email Campaign Management Service, where our experts help you identify the problems in your sendings and improve the obtained results.

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